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Support Yourself by Knowing Yourself with Human Design

December 07, 20211 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

An Introduction to Human Design

An Introduction to Human Design

There is one thing over every other that has helped my clients make LEAPS of change

It’s human design

Human design is a personality test on steroids 

It is a combination of ancient and modern science to understand what makes you YOU

Want to know why you…

  •   Only get shit done when you have a crushing deadline?

  •   Can’t get the results you want?

  •   Always a people pleaser?

  •   Feel like something is wrong with you?

  •   Can’t do this adulting thing?

And how to work with yourself rather than against?

Your human design has the answers

I believe A LOT of the stress, undue pressure, insecurities and lack of results come from not working with your human design

Help yourself breathe a sigh of relief by knowing who YOU are, how you work best, and how you can support yourself to get the results that you want all through human design

Empower yourself by knowing yourself

In this video we will help you

  1. Learn your human design

  2. Get a glimpse of what it all means

  3. Learn how to work with yourself (rather than against)

Before diving in go ahead and find what your human design is here. You'll need your birthdate, birth time, and location. 

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Let's help you bring confidence, relaxation, ease, and balance to your life through your human design.

Mikkel Leslie

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