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Perfectionist to Peace

March 18, 20225 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

You're exhausted. 

Constantly trying to prove yourself.

Stuck on the hamster wheel.

Tied down by expectations.

Putting in ALL the effort with little results.

In a state of constant overwhelm.

Biting off more than you can chew.

Feeling burnt out because it's not working.

I get it. I've been there!

Here's a little more about my story and my background...

As a young kid, I felt enormous pressure to do everything right, to have the love that I wanted. I thought I could earn love through good grades, good behavior, etc. I took this mentality with me to college and into my career in sales. I ran myself into the ground thinking I had to be the best and hit every sales goal there ever was! The external and internal pressure to be perfect had me questioning EVERY single thing that I was doing, spinning my wheels like crazy and thinking it was never enough. 

Since I have stepped out of perfectionism and into peace, you can find me enjoying luxurious baths, traveling at least once a month, serving my clients like never before, and cuddling with my partner without a worry of what needs to be done!

So how do you get to that peaceful place?

First, we must recognize that where we are at is not serving us. 

Next, we have to celebrate ourselves and all the amazing things we've done and are capable of!

Lastly, we have to release our emotions and expectations so that we can be in alignment with who we truly ARE!

Here's a little more about how perfectionism can creep into the lives of each human design type.



You probably feel like you have to do all the things. But not choosing what is correct for you, will use up your energy in a way that doesn't serve you. Once you aim towards what is meant for you, you will then have energy for other things and relationships and overall feel more connected and aligned!

You have a tendency to attach to an outcome and buy into the belief that if the outcome doesn't happen as planned, it's a flop & you are a failure (you're not a failure, FYI)! The key here is to step back and release - trust that things are going to come to you, and you don’t have to make them happen. You will find that this leads to a more relaxed life!

Lastly,  have a fear that nothing will happen, so you feel like you have to do more and more. To avoid this trap, make sure that when you are doing things, it comes from an inspired place. You should be doing things that you love and motivate you. Use yes or no questions to figure out how the things in your life can best serve you!


A projector may be stuck on the perfectionism train if they are saying yes to EVERY invitation. The facts are, not every invitation is meant for you! Saying yes to every open door will lead to disappointment and bitterness while drawing your attention away from what is meant for you. Find empowerment in saying the right yes & the right no!

Furthermore, you may be investing your time and energy into an invite that is past its expiration date. Remember that everything has an end date and be sure to honor that when it is no longer serving you!

Lastly, projectors tend to do more to gain respect and acknowledgement because they want to be seen & heard.  It's best to let go and trust that the right things & people will see and hear you no matter what you are doing. Only say yes to things that are truly in alignment with you!


 In perfectionism, they will do more to prove themselves, feeling pressure to go out and do all the things. But because they are not energizer bunnies, they  do best when they have energy and use it in the right ways... ways that are meant for them. Outsourcing tasks and using energy when it is available will help the manifestor stay in alignment!

A manifestor feels pressure  to make an impact and be a leader. However, it may not be the right time or interest. If it's not, they will feel frustrated, bitter, angry, and out of alignment. Once they learn that it's OK to feel that pressure & figure out where their heart sings, they can focus their energy on that instead!

Since a manifestor is not meant to stick with something for a long time, they will feel frustrated if they do so. If this applies to you, know that you are meant to move from one thing to another. Ride each new wave and you will feel more at ease!


They are a rare breed, but we need to talk about it nonetheless. Reflectors take on the world around them easily. This also makes it easy to take on the roles and expectations that society has of them. They will do best if they take some time to be with themselves to find out who they truly are and honor THAT!

Reflectors are meant to wait a whole 28 days before making decisions and should use that time to get input from family and friends. Perfectionist tendencies can come in the form of making rash decisions based on societal or environmental pressures. 

Another sign that a reflector is stuck in perfectionism is that they are forcing relationships with people or groups. Reflectors are meant to be introduced by others. To release this, find out where the good connections are, step back and allow them to happen organically. This will help you be more in alignment with what is actually meant for you!

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