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Making Money Your B*tch

April 21, 20225 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

Money can get a bad rap. It is the leading causes of divorces. You can easily grip onto it and be like this is MINE or overspend it. Finding the happy middle ground can be hard.

In our capitalist society it is so easy to think that more money means more happiness, but it really is not true. Yes a basic income can ease quite a few discomforts and support happiness but beyond a place to live, clothing, and food everything beyond that is bonus that does not ACTUALLY contribute to more happiness.

But money is just vehicle for a trade of services or goods. Things have value to one person and they will spend money on it to have it or not. 

It can be funny to see what people see as valuable and I will explain this with handbags. (Side note here I own ONE handbag.) The price goes from a few dollars to a quarter of a million dollars for a BAG. Depending on your values and your income will dictate what you purchase (if anything). 

People set the value for their services and products and people buy or not. That means for 

you can charge whatever you damn well please if you are able to market it right. Mind blowing! 

Let's take a look at YOUR relationship with money. When you think of money what comes up? Rainbows, butterflies, and potential or fear, lack, and all the bills?

Your relationship with money leads to how much it comes into your life. Yup, law of attraction here. The more you worry about the bills, the more there will be to worry about. 

But on the other hand if you continuously think of how abundant you are, how money just comes your way well riches are on their way. 

So check your thoughts and see what YOU actually want and need to think to create it. Choose those words CLOSELY because what you say over and over will manifest itself. Don't say I want a million dollars, say I HAVE a million dollars because wanting the universe will supply as continuously wanting the million dollars. Tricky words. 

Manifesting what YOU want

Okay now we have talked about manifesting money, I want to break down how removing money from your desires can actually be a godsend to getting what you want.

Let me explain. Money is just a vehicle to allow you to have things. So if you remove the step of getting money to get there, things can come to you in a whole lot of other ways (this also goes for anything you are trying to manifest).

Take for example wanting to manifest a beach vacation. Yes you could save up the money to get there, and don't stop me from having you do so, but you can also open up to ANY way this could happen. A friend could call you up and be like look I'm going out to Hawaii and I've got a place and rental car and would love some company want to come? You just have to get out here. Yes please! (Actually true story ;)). 

So let go of money being the way that you manifest what you want and be open to receiving it in any way. Trust that it will come to you in the right way and it will. 

Oh and how do you trust? One way is to look at your past and see all the ways you got what you wanted. Maybe it was a car (yup like my Model Y ;)), or a trip, or a class you have been wanting to do. See what has worked in the past and allow yourself to know that you are WELL taken care of and get exactly what you need and desire like a mad woman.

Next level manifestation

Alright now for the next level manifestations for those times where you can't seem to bring it in or you just want to get what you want NOW. 

Sometimes we put a hell of a lot of focus on what we think we want and we get crickets. Like nada. And we are like damn come on, why don't I have this????

Well 9 times out of 10 it is because you didn't really WANT what you were asking for. Let me break this down for you with an example. So you want more money so you strive for this. But what you want the money REALLY for is a cleaner. And you want the cleaner to have a clean house. And you want the clean house to stay focused. 

So what if you could just jump to the good part? The focused part? And not go through ALL the other stuff to get there? Yup! That sounds a lot easier, oh and a hell lot faster because you don't have to go through steps 1-4 to get there, you can just hop on over to your focused bit.

Really understanding what you want underneath it all is power. It allows you to get what you want so much faster. So dig and dig DEEP to understand this so you can get what you ACTUALLY want so much faster and easier.  


And look if you want some help getting what you want and really uncovering what it is you REALLY want, let's talk. This is the work I do with my clients. 

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Mikkel Leslie

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