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F*ck the daily grind: Fun and Rest for Motivation

September 14, 20226 min read

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The first time that I saw how rest could motivate me I was in awe. I was reading my fantasy books in the woods. I ended a chapter and was like I WANT to write a blog post. Now to be honest not all of these posts come from a jolt to my body saying let's doooo this. 

So I took my computer in my camping chair and starting typing and couldn't stop. I was on a roll! I hit done and it was the most magical thing in the world. 

And I wondered to myself, where in the world did this motivation come from? At the time I was just on the beginning of my journey of understanding how rest and fun create motivation but it would change how I worked for forever.

You are told a lie

We are all told a lie where you have to push and shove to get things done. You have to create to do lists and FORCE yourself to get it done each and every single day. If you don't finish it? Well you are a TERRIBLE person and shouldn't even try again tomorrow.

So it totally makes sense we have less and less motivation to get things done when we are shaming ourselves for what we haven't gotten done. 

You are told that you have to wait to have your dessert until you have your dinner. Just like you can ONLY have fun when you get your work done, when you get your chores done, and then when you are all done and f*cking tired THEN you can have fun. 

I say f*ck that

I say eat the dessert before your dinner because you are a f*cking adult. I say have fun to create energy so you can get things done with ease. I say have fun with the work that you do. I say rest when you need it. 

And drop the shame that can comes with it all. Drop that feeling that you should be working your ass off all the damn time. 

Because truly, you can't no matter what the world tells you. No matter how many energy drinks you have, coffee, high pump songs you put on, It is physically impossible. 

It's not your fault you can't work 12 hours a day, your not meant to.

And also living a life full of JUST work is just a f*cking bore. Who would want to live their life just for working your asses off?

We live in a different age. One different from our parents and grandparents. One that is not built on the great depression where we have to work every minute to just put food on the table. We are in an age where we can choose what we do for work and work is plentiful. Remember this. Because JUST working to support your family is so last generation (or 2-3 generations ago!)

How do I drop that shame?

You might be thinking well that's all fine and dandy but when my mind goes to I SHOULD be working right now. When it goes to who do you think you are playing that game STILL? What in the world do I do?

The easiest thing to help quite your brain is to ask it does the thing that you are stressing about HAVE to get done right now? 

Most likely no. Your brain has been trained for soooooo long to try and make sure everything f*cking perfect. It's time to retrain it.

Realize it does NOT have to get done right now. And know sure if you WANT to get it done now, do it. If not you have a choice not to. 

This is empowering you to take the reins back of your life. To check all the stressors that come into your life and be like NOPE I get to live my how I want. 

If it is something that needs your attention here soon, go ahead and write it down so you don't forget about it completely. But then forget about it until you are ready to check that list. You did what you needed to in that moment now it's time for some fun and rest.

Now use fun and rest to motivate

Alright so you now know what to do when your brain tries to shame you into taking action, now you get to enjoy relaxing and having some fun!

Again working without any fun or rest is plain boring and truly so last generations so bring some more fun and rest in your life and allow yourself to have it. 

So figure out how you like to rest and how you like to play. Be a kid again on a lazy summer day and think of what you would do. For me it is playing games, reading books, going on walks, taking naps, dancing, skipping, and playing with my husband. Find what you like to do so you can start enjoying your life even more TODAY. 

You will find yourself so much more at ease, relaxed, and ready to get sh*t done. And this motivation will not come from I have to place but I WANT to do this. Ohhhhh how your life will change with that!

Doubt and fear

And if your mind goes to but my situation is different, there is not enough time for all that I have to do so there is not way I can add fun and rest. I want you to check yourself and ask yourself is this a life you want to live? One where you just have to work day in and out without any fun and rest? 

Things CAN change but you have to choose a different way to get there. It is possible. And I know first hand because that used to be me.

I used to commute 3 hours a day. I had a schedule brimming with things that I HAD to do. I made cold calls (that I hate to do). I told companies that their project was going to be late AGAIN. 

The only times I could let go was drinking on the weekends. All the pent up energy of the week of not having what I wanted would come to a crashing point and it would all be let loose. Then Monday it would start up all again.

And I chose a different way. One where I get to sleep in for me because I don't like waking up at the butt crack of dawn EVERY day. One where I get to surf in the afternoons. One where I work from my coach in PJ's. 

This is what lights ME up. This is what I love and I have created for myself and you CAN to. 

You just have to see it as a possibility (no matter how small) and decide you want it. Those are the first two steps to making it happen. 

And know that if you are ready for more of what YOU want, know I am here to help. This IS the work I do with my clients. We help them rebuild their life from the ground up, one that they actually want to live and support them with all the bullsh*t that comes up (oh because it will).

Because you get to LIVE your life and not just go through the motions. If you are ready to see what we can do together check out my working together page here: 

Your life is waiting for you. 

Mikkel Leslie

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