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Confident & getting it DONE!

February 11, 20225 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

Ever set yourself out to do something and then it ends up not getting done because of fear, doubt, or procrastination?

Let’s explore how to boost your own confidence so you can accomplish those big, scary things on your horizon.

Here’s a quick backstory of how confidence has helped my career…
When I first got the idea of becoming a coach, my confidence was crap! After examining my past experience as well as my emotions, my beliefs, and my thoughts, I realized I have everything I need to do this! I was then able to do the hard, scary thing of starting my own business and hop into it head-first!

Confidence is the balance of knowing what you have to do and doing it. It’s pushing through the hard, scary things that we don’t want to do and stepping into it with our own power.

So let's define what confidence is for ourselves and how we can use it TODAY.

Let’s examine confidence through the lens of doing those hard, scary things that we’ve been putting it off but we know we should do. These are the big things that we feel we can step up and be amazing at! Those big things can be scary for us, but when we’re able to step through them and support ourselves through the process, we can move through them.

The more that we use confidence in these areas, the more we can trust ourselves and use confidence even further. It’s a vicious cycle that we can build and build upon! But if we hide against it and we’re like ‘no it’s too much,’ we’re going to continue on the path of not doing it!

So let’s talk about how we can build that confidence for ourselves so we can do those big scary things by using these 3 steps.

Step 1: Learn how to trust yourself

OK, but how do we trust ourselves? Start by asking these 4 questions.

- What hard things have you done in the past? These can be things you’ve done in your business, relationships, family - in any area of your life! Once we see that we can do those scary things in one area, we gain confidence to do them in other areas of life.

- What is something you can celebrate? This often gets overlooked, but we need to look at the bigger picture of what we have accomplished and stepped into. Also, figure out how YOU want to celebrate, since we all like to celebrate in different ways.

- What are your biggest accomplishments? Look at the biggest things you’ve ever done in your life, such as raising kids, getting a degree, changing jobs - these remind us that we can do big things that are hard!

- How are YOU amazing? What unique qualities do you possess that allow you to be really good at what you do  - make a list of your top 5 skills that make you, you. Skills that allow you to get the results you want!

Step 2: Actually do it

In order to get more confidence, you have to actually do the thing!

Find ways to make it more enjoyable and fun. 

See what you can do to sandwich this hard, scary thing and then celebrate what you did! Find something to energize yourself with and give yourself that boost to make it happen, do it the hard thing, and then do a fun celebration. 

Bonus tip: Write down 5 things you can do to make it fun. 

Because no one wants to be on the grind all the time, you gotta have some fun in there too!

Step 3: Evaluate

Ask yourself these two questions…

What are the things that you want to grow in and build upon?
What are the areas that you criticize yourself the most in? Pay attention to those areas so you can step up and remind yourself of your successes

Next, list at least 10 successes and 3 challenges you faced. Look at the specifics details of each while asking yourself what your takeaways are.

Bonus step: Compassion

On a day-to day basis, it’s so easy to take things personally while allowing fear and judgement to creep in.
Our expectations are the root cause here… we often tie expectations to things we really have no control over. The key here is to ensure your expectations are reasonable!

Here are 3 steps you can take for compassion:

1. Realize that it makes sense that you feel the way you do! Often times we think we shouldn’t feel a certain way, but the truth is, things have built up to why you feel the way that you do. Once we realize what has led to how we feel, we can bring compassion and understanding.

2. Remember, others feel the same way you do! Surround yourself with people who are going through similar things - such as .... Facebook groups, masterminds, etc. Realize that you are not crazy or alone and other people go through what you go through.
3. Remind yourself that everything will be OK; this too shall pass! It will not last forever and you can learn from it and move on!

Next Steps

This is the work I do with my clients. I help them achieve their dreams, their goals, and what they want. When they are stuck in fear & doubt, I stand on the other side and guide them through it. I provide insight and acknowledgement of how far they have come and where they will be. 

If you are ready to get to the other side, find a time here and let’s connect.

Mikkel Leslie

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