Are you the definition of a burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed woman?

Are you ready to find balance so that you can achieve your dreams?

I’ve been there and can help!

Coaching to help you be ALL that you are meant to be

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out?

Let's help you learn how to relax and make it a priority

Let's help you learn how you work so you can hit the easy button on life

Just want to feel safe and secure showing up as YOU?

Let's build your confidence with objective truths of what makes you sooooo very special

Let's help you feel safe and secure showing up as YOU

Tired of the work till you die mentality?

Let's help you do more of what YOU want

Let's help you drop the stress of doing the things you feel you should or have to

Let's help you bring pleasure into all that you do

Hi, my name is Mikkel

You are not alone

I've worked through the stress of doing sales and having my territory split in half each month. I've been overworked in a startup where we weren't sure if we were going to be laid off or bought out each day. I've felt the doubt of not knowing if I was doing it right or if I was good enough. I have felt the pressure to do it the "right" way.

And on the other side? Oh is it AMAZING! Confidence, pleasure, having your own back, doing what is best for you AND your career.

Don't get me wrong, there are still struggles. But you know what? I know how to handle them, I know I am fully supported, I KNOW that it is all opportunities to step up.

And you can have all of this AND more too.


I help you step into yourself so you no longer hold yourself back. You show up with confidence, with power, with grace, with knowing that it is all coming together for you.

And when hard shit happens (which it always does) you know how to support yourself.

I'm an advocate in understanding YOUrself and what works for you and that's what we do together. Because there is no one size fits all.


Amanda H.

"Mikkel helped me dig into contemplating what things in life truly bring me joy. Mikkel helped me unpack what seems to be a very basic idea, yet was something I’d struggled with my entire 37 years of life: if something makes me happy and I want to do it, THAT is a good enough reason. Mikkel also helped me map out the next steps needed in my plan to make a major life change, breaking it down into manageable pieces and checking in on my progress, helping to hold me accountable to myself."

Eric Brown

"Coaching with Mikkel has helped me shape my focus on what I can actually change and what the truth actually is. I see massive results in my life every time I meet with Mikkel and she coaches me. She is great!"


"I am now more hopeful that I will be able to achieve my career goals and move up at my company. We were able to brainstorm new ways to help my career and I was able to start seeing myself in my new role more clearly."-DT

Let's do this together

Are you ready to see what is possible? Ready to dive into who you are meant to be? Well let's do this ;) together because you are NOT alone and it doesn't have to be ALL work, we play too!

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